Our Purpose

To deliver the highest quality stone and granite products to customers across the Gauteng region while simultaneously making a positive impact on our employees and the local community.

Our Commitments

We strive to mitigate the negative environmental impact of stone and granite processing by creating community engagement and investment strategies that support local nonprofit organizations in facilitating education programs.


We engage with local stakeholder groups, including environmental organizations, and nonprofits providing educational support and essential services such as food programs to members of our surrounding communities. We actively develop and manage community investment programs related to specific initiatives that we support whilst conducting our business, in alignment with a shared value approach.

Employees and Skills Development

We actively develop and manage employee advancement and skills development programs that benefit our team members.

We provide paid training and resources for upskilling and supporting our team, and strive to continuously improve our impact business model as related to the benefit we aim to create for our employees.

2020 Community Benefit Initiatives

The economic and health crisis of 2020 has led to increased attention to the urgency of racial justice and gender equality. From the beginning of 2020, as early as the prior to the World Economic Forum that addressed Stakeholder Capitalism, we have been working on initiatives to support female entrepreneurs.

Throughout 2020, we have been sponsors of the Conversations with Women World Wide series by MediaGuru247, a female-owned Media Strategy House that addresses and seeks solutions for inequality, and provides social entrepreneurship support.

2019 Community Benefit Initiatives

Friends of Kloofendal

Authentic Stone sponsored the development of a new website, and the design and printing of brochures for the Friends of Kloofendal environmental education nonprofit organization.

Friends of Kloofendal is an open conservation NGO (NPO No 092-239) that focuses on the Kloofendal Nature Reserve in the suburb of Kloofendal in the West of Johannesburg. Their Vision focuses on preservation, ecology and education.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Authentic Stone

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